Electrical Services

Inspection, Auditing and Specification

MRC Energy has vast experience in inspecting existing electrical installations, checking for compliance and providing a general audit on the use of the system. This inspection and audit is backed with an ISO compliant report complete with photos. Within the report itself we provide a detailed specification, programme and stage by stage costing for the full installation works to either achieve a new design brief or to ensure compliance.

Lighting – Audit in line with OSH Act, Green Build Council Guidelines

Lighting forms an integral part of an electrical installation, and the requirements are set in terms the OSH Act 85 of 1993 and Environmental Regulations for workplaces. We will undertake audits to ensure compliance in this regard. Lighting specifications are measured in Lumens, with different living and working areas requiring set lumens level to ensure safe and comfortable standards.

MRC Energy will provide the relevant lumen level to suit the operation within the building within our report, complete with any upgrade and associated costs.

Earth Leakage analysis and solutions for critical and non-critical applications

A continual source of electrical frustration is poorly planned installations or electrical installations that have evolved rather than been correctly planned. Poorly planned or evolved electrical systems can lead to problems with critical loads and whether the electrical system is correctly installed via non-earth leakage circuits.

Earth leaks or tripping of the power can occur for many reasons:-

  • Overloading a power outlet or plug point can be a common fault for a switch that trips. If you have too many appliances on one plug point and all the appliances are switched on at the same time, the circuit breaker trips to prevent overheating of the circuit.
  • A faulty appliance can cause a switch to trip.
  • A short circuit caused by one wire touching another wire, either in an appliance or in the wiring of a building, will result in a tripped switch. In some buildings, electrical wiring is not routed through pipes or channels, the outer protective insulation can be damaged by rodents or become brittle with age and crack, causing wires to touch each other.
  • Where plug or power points are placed on the exterior of a building, check that the casing and electrical housing is still watertight, as moisture can cause these to trip.

Certificate of Compliance Tests and remedial work

MRC Energy, upon compliance, will issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC). It is a legal requirement that all electrical installations have a Certificate of Compliance issued for new works, and transfer of properties with more and more insurance companies insisting on the issuing of the electrical COC for insurance purposes. Should your existing electrical installation not comply then a report of the required works and associated costs will be prepared.

Power Quality Analysis – Power Consumption, Power Factor Correction, Harmonics

Usage patterns of electrical installations can have negative effects on the overall quality of the power of the installation. These issues lead to overheating, high electrical usage, resulting in higher electrical bills.

MRC Energy can provide an on-site power quality analysis that allows us to identify the negative effects of inductions loads, and non-linear loads. Once these have been identified we will be able to determine the correct specification and associated costs to minimize the negative effects.

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